The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStephano

This book has a lot of mixed reviews and most of them mention having expectations of it being like another book or author. I had not heard of this book before and opened my Owlcrate and read the description on the inside cover, I was not sure if it was for me or something I would even read. The intrigue of royal court life and the adventurous main character, Wil, princess of the North Isle kingdom and 4th Spare in the royal line of succession after 3 older brothers drew me in at first. The king uses each of his children for his own selfish purposes and has Wil be his spy and procurer of rare and highly sought-after objects. During one of her outings, she is attacked and close to death, she somehow turns her attacker into gemstones. She starts to experiment with this newfound power in hopes to control and understand it but an accident leads to her leaving home to find a cure for this “curse.” Her quest to find a cure leads her to travel to strange and danger lands and to meet people she is not sure she can trust. There is an instanta-romance which I am not into but the book does a good job of explaining why they feel for each other so fast. The ending is a cliffhanger which will obviously lead to a sequel which I am looking forward to because I want answers. I really liked Wil for her insightfulness and spunk and really cared about what happened to her and the ones she loves.



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