The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry

“Because she jumped the world was born.”

Natalie Cleary just wants to graduate from high school and get out of her small town of Union, Kentucky, the sooner the better. But she starts seeing things no one else can see.  First, “Grandmother,” the vision of elderly woman who appeared in the middle of the night in her childhood and would tell her Native American folk stories, appears to her again as a young adult to repeat the first story she ever told Natalie, The Woman That Fell From the Sky.  Then Grandmother gives her a dire warning,  that she has “three months to save him” and to find Alice Chan.  As Natalie tries to figure out what this warning means, she starts having episodes where the world around her will fades away or change into a different world.  People that are in her world are also in the other world but are different, dating different people or have different roles.  And there is the mysterious Beau, the boy that appears only to her in the middle of the football field on Senior Night.  They are drawn to each other as they discover they both are the only people in town that can see each other’s world.  Natalie finds Alice Chan in a Google search and discovers she is a professor of psychology that researches the type of hallucinations Natalie’s child psychologist thought “Grandmother” was. Together they try to unravel the mystery of Natalie and Beau’s gift.  Who or what is “Grandmother”?  Who is the person that needs saving and what does he need saving from?  What happens if they cannot figure it out before time runs out?

I was initially confused in the first few chapters on what was going on but as soon as I understood, I was hooked.  Filled with Native American folklore, I loved theorizing what the stories meant and what lesson or clue that they were suppose to give Natalie.  There was some “love at first sight” and teen angst in this book but the plot and the characters’ humorous banter made up for it to me.  This is one of those books I want to reread again to see what clues I missed and to enjoy the unraveling of a beautifully written story one more time.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.


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