Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Totally not what I expected. Set in a dystopian society where following the rules and social norms strictly enforced and perfection is the goal, Celestine North is the model citizen: beautiful, straight-A student who is logical and is the girlfriend of the son of the most powerful judge in the country. Normally the rule-follower, she is shaken and confused by the recent rulings of the court. The first is her neighbor who took her dying mother outside the country to be euthanized, following her dying mother’s wish to end her pain and suffering. Her neighbor is branded and declared “Flawed” since she stole a life even though she did not break any laws inside the country. The second is a famous sports player who cheated on his wife but is found not guilty or not “Flawed” even though there is plenty of evidence that he did commit the crime. The fact that the judge in the case owns a significant part of the sports league that this famous player is a part of and being declared “Flawed” would prevent him from traveling internationally with the team and severely restrict his life has the public and Celestine questioning the fairnesss of this “Flawless” court. When Celestine speaks up and tries to save a Flawed man life on a bus, she is arrested for aiding a Flawed and is put on public trial. Celestine’s life will be forever changed no matter what the outcome but can she live with herself if she lies and tries to save herself from the fate of being “Flawed”?

I could have read this book in 1 day if I could have kept my eyes open last night to finish it. It was deeply moving to me and showed me what bullying is like when taken to the extreme in a society, to the point where some people in society are seen a less-than-human and have their rights taken away and their lives severely restricted over lapse of judgment or thought different from the accepted norm. I felt the anger and the frustration of the Flawed and those who questioned the morality of the society but were afraid to speak up in fear of being declared “Flawed.” A great dystopian novel that O would highly recommend to all especially young adults and dystopian readers.

I gave this a 4 out of 5 on Goodreads.


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