Owlcrate-a-thon (Owlcrate annual readathon)

Anyone else doing this?
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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve decided to host our first official readathon! It is called OWLCRATE-A-THON, and it will take place from February 11-25th 2017!
✨ The main reason we wanted to create this readathon is to help OwlCraters knock some OwlCrate books off their TBR piles. We also wanted to celebrate all of the wonderful stories we’ve included in our boxes over the past two years.
✨ We’ve come up with three mini challenges, to make the readathon more fun:
📓 Read the OwlCrate book you’ve owned the longest (and haven’t read yet).
📓 Read at least one fantasy and one contemporary book.
📓 Read at least three books in total.
✨ Already read all your OwlCrate books? AWESOME! You are still welcome to participate and read other books.
✨ Haven’t subscribed to OwlCrate yet, but still want to take part? We encourage you to look at the titles we’ve sent in the past and give them a try.
✨We’ll also be hosting reading sprints on twitter to help keep you motivated. Follow us there for more info!
✨ We hope you’re as excited as we are! We’re planning on making this an annual thing if enough people participate, so please help spread the word!
✨ Want more info about #owlcrateathon? Check out our most recent video on YouTube! YouTube.com/OwlCrate!


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