She Poured Out Her Heart by Jean Thompson

This book is about female friendship which is usually the type of book I avoid but this was a easy, engaging read. Bonnie is wild and free spirited and Jane is controlled and repressed so their chance meeting in college that evolved into friendship was thought provoking and entertaining. At the beginning, I liked both Bonnie and Jane, as well as Eric, Jane’s doctor husband, and found their banter hilarious. As the story when on and all their lives gradually fall apart, the characters all became gradually less likable. Jane’s mental state deteriorates to the point where she has a mental breakdown and believes that her “zoning out” is a spiritual practice of detachment even though she could not control when it happens. Bonnie never really matures into an adult that can have a healthy relationships with men or women and ends up starting an affair with Jane’s husband on the night of Jane’s breakdown. They all gradually become people that they dislike and can’t stand being around. This book makes you question what is the right thing to do in this gray areas of life and how and if you can come back from the horrible decisions you have made.

I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

I received an advanced copy of this book from Penguin’s First to Read Program with no requirement to review book.


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  1. Hi ! How do you contact Penguins? Nice review tho’ 😀


    1. I just signed up for the First to Reads Program and they sent me an email with new books to bid for.

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      1. Can you give me the link ? Please



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